Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is an aspect of patient care which recognizes that the nature of our patients, and staff members, is more than physical.


Wilkes Medical Center recognizes that our patients are spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical beings. Many of our patients, and their families, find themselves in a spiritual crisis when their illness is serious enough to be admitted to the hospital.

Pastoral Care is located on the first floor of the hospital, near Administration. You are encouraged to call on the services of the chaplain, or others who make up the team of Pastoral Care, whenever a patient, family member, or staff member is in crisis and needs support. They stand ready to offer the focused compassion of a person who is not preoccupied with medical and technical aspects of care.

Pastoral Care recognizes that every person is entitled to their own faith and does not make any attempt to challenge or change personally held beliefs. When requested, the patients' own clergy may be called - when no clergy is available, the hospital chaplain is pleased to offer a ministry of preference.

For pastoral care, call 336-651-8120.