Care Connection Pharmacy

The Care Connection Pharmacy of Wilkes Medical Center exists to serve those who are in need.

More than nine thousand residents of Wilkes County depend on Medicare for medical services that normally make no provision for prescription drug benefits. In addition, another 8,000-10,000 have no health insurance whatsoever, and many, 11.9% of the population, live in poverty.

Care Connection Pharmacy provides two basic prescription assistance drug programs to low-income residents of Wilkes:

  • The Generic Drug Program dispenses low cost generic drugs to patients being treated for chronic conditions, who do not have third party sources for payment, and whose income is at least 200% below the federally established poverty level.
  • Generic drugs are dispensed for a modest co-payment based on the patients income and is determined by BROC or DSS. The Medication Assistance Program, MAP, assists physicians in acquiring high price, name-brand drugs from pharmaceutical companies that offer these drugs to those whose low income falls within the drug company's guidelines.

In recent years, a grant was received from the NC Health and Wellness Trust Fund Commission through the NC Foundation for Advanced Health Programs (NC Dept of Rural Health Development) to upgrade the technology of the Care Connection Pharmacy. Commonly referred to as, “tobacco settlement money”, these funds were used to employ one part-time pharmacy tech to assist the pharmacist in acquiring and dispensing prescription drugs. In addition, a Prescription Assistance Coordinator was employed to receive applications, order medications, and track the delivery and dispensing of the ‘free drugs’. It been estimated that for every dollar invested in the program, $9 retail value of prescription drugs for qualifying citizens of Wilkes County have been acquired.