Patient Resources

Wake Forest Baptist Health – Wilkes Medical Center has compiled this information as a resource for you during your stay with us. Patients who visit us, even those here on an out patient basis, will need to go through our Admitting department located at the main entrance just beyond the lobby, before any procedure or service.

Being Admitted

Contains information on our admitting department, Interpreters, our Confidentiality policy, how we assign your room, and information on the services we provide for our patients that have special needs.

In-Patient Stay

Provides information that pertains directly to your hospital room. This includes information on your hospital bed, calling your nurse, your meals and your room’s telephone.

While You're Here

Information regarding our smoking and tobacco policy, use of cellular phones, and information on our television guide, receiving mail and flowers and newspaper information.

Turn Worries into Words

Information on asking healthcare questions, respectfully expressing concerns and sharing vital information with your health care providers.

Your Medication List

A printable form for you to fill out with all your medication before your next trip to your physician or the hospital. This information will allow for the proper screening of interactions between drugs you may be taking or interactions between your drugs and vitamins or herbs. A complete list of ALL your medications is very important to your proper medical care and is vital to all health care professionals providing care for you.

Wake Forest Baptist Health – Wilkes Medical Center hopes your stay with us is as comfortable as possible and that you have a successful recovery.