The Donald Gene Jarvis Dialysis Unit

The Wilkes Regional Dialysis Center provides outpatient hemodialysis services to patients population who have been diagnosed with renal failure.

The Wilkes Regional Dialysis Center provides hemodialysis services to a patient population consisting of young adult, middle adult and geriatric who have in diagnosed with renal failure and require hemodialysis as treatment modality.

Before the Dialysis Center opened, patients had to travel out of the town three times a week. Now, out of town travel is unnecessary with treatment available closer to home. Our nineteen station center has the capacity to treat patients in our out-patient center.

Dialysis is available as an in-patient for those patients requiring dialysis during hospitalization.

Wilkes Regional Medical Center also offers Transient Dialysis for patients in need of dialysis who are traveling through or visiting in our area.

The Dialysis Unit is currently accepting new patients. For more information about our Dialysis Center and the admission process, please contact 667-3762.