Pet Partners Program


Carol G. Prevette, Local resident, and animal teammate, Max, a giant schnauzer, completed training through the Delta Society which registered them as a person-animal volunteer team qualified to provide "animal assisted activities (AAA) to patients, residents and children in facilities. Max and Carol have visited Wilkes Regional Medical Center for the past four years.

The Pet Partners Program has established guidelines for person-animal volunteer teams to qualify them to enter facilities. The program registers teams that successfully complete health, temperament screening and volunteer training.

The Pet Partners Program was created by Delta Society, a nonprofit organization located in Bellevue, Washington and works to improve health and well-being by promoting mutually beneficial contacts among people and animals.

In preparation for Pet Partners Program, Ms. Prevette completed volunteer training in Scottsdale, Arizona and the Animals Benefit Club of Arizona. Max received the AKC Canine Good Citizenship training with the Winston-Salem Dog Training Club.

To become a registered Pet Partner, Max passed the Pet Partners Skills and Aptitude screening administered by Sarah M. Willis of Hickory, a Pet Partners licensed evaluator, and a health examination administered by Dr. Sylvia J. Smith, DVM, of Wilkes Veterinary Hospital in North Wilkesboro. Max is groomed by Twin Lake Grooming in Wilkesboro.