Needle Localization

When an abnormality is confirmed, a needle localization is often needed.

A needle localization is performed to guide a surgeon to an abnormal area located on a mammogram. Frequently, this is an area that cannot be felt by the surgeon. A biopsy will be needed to remove some of the tissue to determine if the area contains cancer or not. Therefore, a needle is placed into the abnormal area under the mammographic or ultrasonic guidance. A small wire is then inserted through the needle and the needle is removed. This wire allows the surgeon to cut down on the abnormal area and allows them to be sure to only remove the abnormality from the breast. This procedure is done in the Diagnostic Imaging department and then you will go to the operating room where your surgeon will perform the biopsy.

Your physician must order and schedule this procedure with the Diagnostic Imaging Department, in coordination with the Operating Room.

The report is generally available in 1-2 days and will be called to your physician. Results must be given to the patient by their physician.

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