Pain Control and Labor

What about pain control and labor?

You should talk about pain relief with your doctor ahead of time. The amount of pain each mother feels during labor is different and medicine is given based on her needs.

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would be best for you, call:
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Some women choose to use anesthesia for pain control during the labor process:
  • IV medicine: eases the pain of a contraction. Usually given through your IV, it may make you dizzy or light-headed and is usually not given the last hour before birth.
  • Intrathecal narcosis:the doctor injects medicine into the sack of fluid in your back.
  • Epidural anesthesia: a pain reliever that produces loss of sensation in the lower part of your body. A combination of drugs are injected into your lower back and repeated doses can be given through a catheter placed in the back.

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During labor, the nurse will ask you about the amount of pain you are having. When it's time for your baby to be born, your doctor may give you a shot to numb your bottom.

Other comfort measures may include:
relaxation, breathing techniques, massage, use of focal points, music, hot and cold packs and changing positions often.