Going To The Hospital

When should I call the doctor and come to the hospital?

Follow what your doctor tells you about coming to the hospital. Call your doctor if you have any questions. Call the hospital at 651-8100, if you are unable to reach your doctor.

Where to Park?

You may park in the parking lot beside the Emergency Room. Come in the Emergency Room door and tell the registration clerk at the desk your name. If you have been pre-admitted, they will have your information ready. You will be taken to The New Beginnings Birthing Center on the second floor.

What will happen when I'm admitted?

When you get to The Birthing Center, the nurse will check to see how your labor is progressing. You will be asked several questions such as:
  • How do you wish to control the pain you may feel in labor?
  • Are you going to breast-feed or bottle-feed?
  • Who is the baby's doctor going to be?
  • If you have a boy, do you plan to have him circumcised?
Samples of blood and urine may be taken. After you are settled in your room, the nurse will use a fetal heart monitor to check the baby's heartbeat and your contractions. Two belts will be placed around your abdomen. You will be able to see a pattern of your contractions and the rate of the baby's heartbeat. You will need to stay in bed while the monitor is on. At other times, you may get up, walk, take a shower, use the rocking chair or sit in any comfortable position your doctor allows.

Your support person may stay with you in the labor and birthing area. Your support person may be anyone you choose. Visitors will be limited for you and your baby's safety.

Many mothers find music helps them relax. Feel free to listen to any music you have brought.