After Baby Arives

What happens when the baby is born?

Most mothers will give birth in the same room as they labored. The room is an LDR- Labor-Delivery-Recovery. After the baby is born, he or she will be placed in a warming bed for a short time. Then you may hold the baby, take pictures or videos and begin breast-feeding if you choose to.

Bracelets with matching identification numbers are put on the baby, the mother, and another person of the mother's choice. The baby will be weighed and measured and have its first bath. The family may help with these things at this special time. The baby will also get medicine drops in the eyes and a vitamin K shot in the leg.

You and your baby

After the recovery period, the mother will be moved to a room in the postpartum unit. Your baby may stay with you in your room. This is a good time for bonding with your new baby. The baby is awake and alert the first few hours after birth. You may spend time with your baby and begin to discover the wonders of your newborn. The nurse is here to help with feeding, baby care, self-care information and to answer any questions you may have. We hope the mother will use the time the baby sleeps as her rest periods at the hospital and at home. Also, there is a Special Care Nursery, if your baby needs extra care. Moms need to drink a lot after the birth of her baby. For your convenience, drinks and snacks are kept at the nurses station.

What about visitors?

Having a baby is an exciting time and should be shared. But don't let well-wishing friends and relatives tire you. If you are starting to feel tired while you have company, it's fine to say so. The nurse will be glad to handle this situation for you, if needed. Visitors will be asked to wait in the waiting room during certain procedures being done in the patients room. They are not permitted to wait in the hallway for safety and patient privacy reasons.  Please check with the nursing staff for our visitation policy.  The Gift Shop is in the hospital lobby in case you've forgotten something or if big brother or big sister would like to get a gift for the baby.