North Carolina Eye Bank changes name to MIRACLES IN SIGHT


Contact: Bob Russ
(800) 552-9956 Ext. 1400
3900 Westpoint Blvd., Suite F, Winston-Salem, NC 27103

After 60 Years of enhancing lives through the miracle of transplantation, The North Carolina Eye Bank changes name to MIRACLES IN SIGHT.

Winston-Salem, NC, June 26, 2014 – The North Carolina Eye Bank was founded with the goal of recovering tissue for surgeons to make corneal transplant a reality. We were and are committed to provide the highest quality tissue for transplantation and ocular research. With that said, we have been presented with great opportunity to strengthen our future as one of the leading organizations in the world.

OUR NAME HAS CHANGED! Miracles In Sight is a fitting choice as the new name considering our reach has touched the lives of those in North Carolina and around the world. We are recently involved in innovative regenerative medicine, international eye bank development, 24/7 call center logistics and support of community based eye clinics both stateside and abroad. Our philanthropy funds a unique and innovative multidisciplinary surgical skills lab at The University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Chapel Hill. We are committed to educating our future surgeons by funding fellowship programs at Wake Forest University and Duke University. We will maintain our membership with the EBAA (Eye Bank Association of America) and our standing as a non-profit. As our role evolves – so does our name. “We are proud of the past and excited to continue on our path for the future,” said Dean Vavra, Executive Director. “Today’s announcement is the culmination of more than 60 years of movement toward providing quality lives for those that are visually impaired.”
We are – Miracles In Sight.

The mission of The North Carolina Eye Bank (NCEB) is to recover, process and distribute ocular tissue for the restoration of sight through corneal transplantation and related medical therapy and research. A significant part of this mission is our stewardship toward training and education of our medical community, our partners and supporting organizations around the world.

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