Introducing Safe Sitter


Contact: Tammy G. Love

VP of Business Development

Phone: (336) 651-8116

Do you have a child that will be babysitting?

Will you be hiring a babysitter for your children?

The best babysitter is a SAFE SITTER! SAFE SITTER is a medically oriented instructional program that teaches boys and girls aged 11 to 13 how to handle emergencies when caring for young children. SAFE SITTER classes are available now. To register your son or daughter, call 336-651-8547.


  • Basic life-saving techniques
  • Safety precautions to prevent accidents
  • How and when to summon help
  • Tops on basic child care

New classes offered each summer. Call 336-651-8547 for information and to register.

June 13th and 14th

New Beginnings Education Classroom

Baby sitters today. Better parents tomorrow!

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