Helping New Mothers



Contact: Tammy G. Love

Director of Marketing & Medical Staff Development

Phone: (336) 651-8116

Among the wide variety of services offered by the Wilkes County Health Department is a coordinated, comprehensive program for maternal health. The department works closely with Northwest Carolina Women's Center, Dr. Ben Horton and Dr. Michele Polidoro, who provide prenatal care from the first positive pregnancy test to the six week postpartum check with special emphasis placed on screening, education and treatment for the healthiest mothers and babies.

At the heart of the program are the maternal care coordinators, health department social workers who work in the Northwest Carolina Women's Center to serve high-risk pregnant women who need help in getting resources to assure a healthy baby. The coordinators assist mothers-to-be in preparing for their child's birth by teaching about what to expect, following the maternal care plan, and working closely with doctors, hospitals, schools and other agencies who are involved with the pregnant woman's care. They encourage and support parents in building strong families by helping find answers to questions, assisting in locating resources and services needed, and making home visits.

The local program is supported through the "Baby Love" program of the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, which is a combination of programs designed to help women have healthy babies. The health department is committed to helping mothers have the healthiest pregnancy possible and to prepare them for their new infant.

Pregnant women are eligible for these services regardless of where they receive their prenatal care. Women eligible for maternal care coordination may also receive child care coordination services for her child after birth.

For more information, phone the Wilkes County Health Department at 336-651-7450.

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