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- The recipients of the Dr. Fred C. Hubbard scholarships presented by the Wilkes Regional Medical Center Auxiliary are, left to right, Florina Vaughn, Tashia Mayes, Chandra Hendrix, Candace Wilcox and Deva Brooks.


- The new officers of the Wilkes Regional Medical Center auxiliary are, left to right, Colleen Manolovich, president; Pat Jarvis, vice president; Helen Eller, recording secretary; Julia Byers, corresponding secretary; and Marcella Greer, treasurer.

The 61st annual meeting of the Wilkes Regional Medical Center (WRMC) Auxiliary Inc., was held Tuesday at the Stone Center in North Wilkesboro. The first meeting of the auxiliary was held Oct. 5, 1951, six months before the hospital opened on May 1, 1952. During the past year, auxiliary volunteers have donated 16,786 hours of service to the hospital. Members staff the reception and welcome desk at the main entrance to the hospital, deliver mail and flowers to patients in their rooms, accompany patients on trips between hospital departments, and provide other needed services at the hospital. They also operate the hospital gift shop.

The auxiliary has also donated $47,019 in materials to the hospital during the past 12 months. The group purchased car seats for babies born in the New Beginnings Birthing Center, provided stuffed animals, coloring books and crayons for children receiving treatment at the hospital, purchased chairs for the critical care unit waiting room and stools for the doctors' lounge, and funded five scholarships for students in the health care field.

Colleen Manolovich was installed as the auxiliary president for the next two years. She succeeds Deborah Sullivan. The other new officers are: Pat Jarvis, vice president; Helen Eller, recording secretary; Julia Byers, corresponding secretary; and Marcella Greer, treasurer.

WRMC President and Chief Executive Officer Gene Faile, in his remarks, said that the Wilkes Regional auxiliary "Is absolutely the best I have ever worked with at any hospital. The hospital has been open now for 60 years, and the one thing that has never changed is the auxiliary. This has been an incredible relationship." Faile added, "You would not be here if you did not care about people. I thank you for all you do from the bottom of my heart."

Heather Murphy, the director of The Health Foundation, spoke during the meeting of her respect for the members of the auxiliary. "I hope that you can feel the gratitude and heartfelt thanks that I extend to you for all that you have done for me and for my family during our hospital stays over the years," she said. "You are wonderful."

Hubbard scholarships

Dr. Fred C. Hubbard scholarships were awarded to five students who are in, or entering, the nursing program at Wilkes Community College. Receiving $1,500 scholarships were Florina Vaughn, Tashia Mayes, and Chandra Hendrix, who enrolled in the WCC program in 2011. Scholarships for $2,700 were presented to Candace Wilcox and Deva Brooks, who have been accepted into the nursing program.

The members of the scholarship board are: Conley Call (chairman), Gene Faile, Deborah Sullivan (president of auxiliary), Janet Lyon (secretary), Lynn Day (treasurer) Ruth Graham, Laura Wills and Jane Adams.

The auxiliary members with over 1,000 hours of volunteer service during their membership are listed below.

Volunteer hours

Over 3,500 hours

Donna Espenship, total of 5,145 hours (822 hours for 2011-12); Jessie Rhodes, 5,077.5 (225); Janet Ashley, 4,415.5 (440.75); Ruth Graham, 4,409.5 (461.5); Lois Hayes, 4,358 (339); Betty Duncan, 3,646.5 (358).

Over 2,000 hours

Sarah Brown, 2,977.5 (624.5); Midge Adams, 2,856.5 (258); Gil Ellis, 2,785.5 (178.75); Lucille Chambers, 2,562.25 (194.75); Lois Smithwick, 2,485 (382.5); Violet Francis, 2,456.75 (364.75); Marty McSwain, 2,399 (136.5); Gwen Childers, 2,326 (136.5); Pat Ellis, 2,081 (173.25); Katherine Elledge, 2,012 (411).

Over 1,500 hours

Peggy Sheets, 1,956.5 (271.5); Grace Brinegar, 1,923 (88.5); Betty Hawkins, 1,872.5 (657.5); Lydia Brewer, 1,872 (374.5); Cynthia Sturdivant, 1,791.5 (177.5); Lois Bentley, 1,789.25 (163.25); Helen Lockhart, 1,768 (184.5); Elizabeth Shaw, 1,756 (111); Joe Manolovich, 1,722.5 (187.5); Carol Mitchell, 1,691 (229); Trish Cook, 1,590 (172.5).

Over 1,000 hours

Nancy Walsh, 1,432 (60.5); Ann Stringfield, 1,427.5 (34.5); John Burnette, 1,350 (229); Betty Brewer, 1,343 (159.5); Norma J. Burnette, 1,342.5 (67); Esther Eller, 1,326 (94); Lucy Price, 1,200 (5.5); Elizabeth Forester, 1,199 (3); Betty Hugger, 1,078 (191); Paige Simpson, 1,077 (153.5); Kay Ross, 1,052.5 (2.5); Marcella Greer, 1,011.5 (434.5); Mary Jane Rich, 1,008.5 (159).

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